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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Blog quality

Browsing through bloggers' contributions to the sum total of human knowledge is largely an entertaining process. For a start, it's a big improvement on looking for a Shakespearean play from those notable monkeys with typewriters (do you think they've got word processors, now?). The standard of literacy is, in general, very high, although I did come across one recently that was so riddled with typos that I gave up. No link for you, then, moosh. Perhaps we can forgive the occasional misspelling. To the admirable perpetrator of 'begger' instead of 'beggar' and 'interent' instead of internet, I offer my sympathy - I've been there.) Many's the time I've posted a blog without noticing an idiotic mistake, only to find it while browsing a few days later e.g. yesterday I misspelt 'everyone' and 'coca cola'. Most embarrassing was to have an email from Mrs Trellis correcting me for a different error. But, like all well-rounded people [He means 'egotists' - Ed.], I managed to demonstrate that she was wrong and I was right, even though she had a point, if you see what I mean. [No - Ed.]

With this new, general literacy goes the problem of 'flaming'. How easy to blog that someone's site and their opinions are total rubbish, only to regret it later. One can sometimes moderate an attack simply by reading it several times for the spelling mistakes that may have crept in and/or by leaving a 'post' for a day or two so that one is better able to judge its likely effect. Weblogs are, after all, the thinking person's chatroom. What we lose in immediacy, we gain in precision and, dare I say it, politesse.

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