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Sunday, September 01, 2002

A few days ago, the Spanish government (prop. Jose Maria Aznar), announced a ban on the Basque separatist movement Batasuna. Now, besides perhaps being a rather foolish move (note what happened when Sinn Fein was banned in Northern Ireland), this edict seems to have abolished part of the party altogether - I well remember that the party was called Eri Batasuna until a month or so ago.

But still, if it's possible to ban parties bit by bit, let's think of how we might deal with other, undesirable organisations. Consider the following:
Publican Party (Mine's a pint, please, George W.)
Something Cratic party (would that be auto, by any chance?)
Sieve Party (or should that be 'con' party?)
La Bore Party (yawn)
Braille Party (I think that the anagram generator has intruded here)
Onionist Party (sad, that)
Sin Fine (You've got my vote)
Buffy Party [He means BNP - Ed.] This needs a bit added to it to make sense, I think, so I've done that. Is it something to do with nakedness, vampires or polishing? Perhaps it's just plain fascism, after all.
Let's think of other ways to attenuate nonsense.

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