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Friday, September 06, 2002
An amusing Frenchman

Yesterday morning, I heard an interview with Michel Houellebecq, the author of Atomised and Plateforme. Michel maintains, apparently, that Islam is 'silly'. What an incredibly crass idea - fancy his thinking that. He's got it quite wrong there and his opinions are going to lead to trouble for him, quite inappropriate to his analysis. (The interview, by the way, was conducted in a part of Ireland, in an attempt to keep him safe from outraged Moslems.)

Mr Houellebecq reportedly said, in the French magazine Lire, that reading the Koran is 'so depressing' and that Islam is 'the stupidest religion'.

Mr Houellebecq's publisher Flammarion has distanced itself from the author and has apologised for the novelist's words. However, Lire (perhaps it should be 'Rire') and M. Houellebecq are being sued for the comments. Plaintiffs including Saudi Arabia's World Islamic League and the Mosque of Paris.

The action starts on 17th September. M.Hellandbacq plans to explain his thought processes to the court, and a number of French literary figures will speak in his defence.

I can't wait.

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