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Monday, August 05, 2002
A plug for the opera

I read a blog a few days ago – I’m not sure that I ought to give a link to it, really – that was supposed to encourage blokes to get interested in opera. Just accept my word for it, OK? If you were to persevere with the chain of links, you would see pictures of opera singers in the raw. My attitude to this, as with all pornography [But where does Art stop and Pornography begin? – Ed.], is that sex is not a spectator sport.

Opera isn’t all fun. For example, I remember two quotes about Wagner. The first is by Rossini: ‘Wagner has lovely moments but awful quarters of an hour’. (I had to look this one up because I could not remember the exact time involved – I had thought it was half-hours [Why not hours? - Ed.].) My favourite, though, that I’m too lazy to google for is :‘Wagner’s music is better than it sounds’. Quite right too. Don’t stop sending me the tickets for Bayreuth, though.

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