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Monday, August 26, 2002

Peterhead is a fishing town in Grampian, on the east coast of Scotland. It is home to an old prison that specialises in treating sex offenders. There have been moves afoot to have the prison closed, largely on the grounds that the premises 'do not meet modern standards'.

One would expect the local reaction to be something like: 'Thank heavens; we're getting rid of them at last'. Not a bit of it. The families of the prison staff started a campaign to keep the prison. One can understand their doing it on the grounds of maintaining local employment. However, the very high success rate of treatment in the prison was a major argument in persuading most locals to support the campaign. There is now an overwhelming majority in favour of retaining the institution (Source: BBC Radio).

Some modernisation has already been carried out and, it now appears, the prison is likely to be saved. Giving the Scots their own Parliament may have been a sensible move, after all, despite the absurd cost.

I have often thought that the Scots must be ranked among the most civilised people in The World. Perhaps Fettes could do some more work on Tony Blair.

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