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Friday, August 02, 2002
Gardening, blogging and a moral...

Every time I start blogging, I immediately wonder if I should be doing this. (In depth discussion to follow at a later date.) Yesterday, in my tightly ordered and highly disciplined way [disorganised chaos, Ed.], I had two things to do and one other that I quite wanted to do. These are the three, neither in chronological order nor in order of importance: do some gardening, go to a meeting at 4.00 p.m. and do a bit more blogging and testing.

In the morning, I went out into the garden to do about an hour's gardening. After what seemed like an hour, when I was getting worn out, I thought 'That's it', and looked at my watch. I had been gardening for exactly nineteen minutes

At about ten past three in the afternoon, I thought I would do half an hour's blogging and then go to my 4.00 p.m. meeting. Easy. I got a bit engrossed in the linking business but I made a successful post and thought 'That will do for the moment'. Then I looked at the clock. It showed half past three. 'Gosh, I did that quickly', I said to myself. Then I looked again. The clock was showing four thirty.

There's a moral here, somewhere. I suggest the following:

If you want your life to go slowly, do gardening; if you want it to go quickly, use your computer.

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