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Thursday, August 22, 2002
The beauties of Sussex

The Lady and I have just returned from a delightful few days in Sussex, including our visit to Glyndebourne. Even from the high, stable platforms of our noble steeds, we frequently had great difficulty in reading the signposts. Often, they were overgrown with vegetation; some had been vandalised to the extent that they were useless. It is possible that, as a new sop to the environmentalists, councils have hidden their signposts, deliberately. However, if the damage - the missing arms, arms pointing in what is clearly the wrong direction, and names erased (not by aerosol spraying) - is a ploy by the local authorities to confuse invaders, it should be remembered that the war finished more than fifty years ago. If, on the other hand, the measure is designed to confuse tourists, it serves only as an irritant, not as a deterrent.

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