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Friday, August 30, 2002

Airline/airport security

It was reported today that a 'Swedish subject of Tunisian origin' tried to board a plane at Vaesteraas airport, 62 miles west of Stockholm with a gun in his hand luggage. The flight was bound for Stansted in the UK. Everyone is congratulating themselves on a job of detection well done. So they should.

However, not so long ago, I changed planes at Narita (Tokyo) airport. At the hand baggage check within the airside part of the complex, the staff on the X-ray machine 'found', in my baggage, a large, sharp pair of scissors. I was very impressed and reassured. I had to put the scissors in a padded envelope, addressed to me at my destination. (It was then consigned to the hold and I never saw it again.)

Detectives among you will have worked out that, as I was changing planes, I must already have been through at least one screening process where the scissors were not detected. In fact, I had been through several, having previously travelled on two different aircraft as part of my journey.

Not so reassuring, then...

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